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Two hands hold six books whose titles are: All Along You Were Blooming, The Essential Rumi, The Body Keeps the Score, Music and Consciousness, Music and Your Mind, What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat.
Music Psychotherapy

Have you ever listened to a song and thought "that's exactly how I feel"? Have you ever felt like talking about your issues gets you nowhere? Are you interested in bringing in music, dance or art into your therapy? Music psychotherapy might be for you! Music psychotherapy uses listening to or engaging in music to work towards your therapy goals, as well as traditional talk therapy methods. You don't need to have any musical experience to be a part of music psychotherapy.


I am a trauma-informed therapist. What does this mean? It means I have taken trainings on how a person's previous experience of trauma can inform how they think, feel and behave today. It means I will be sensitive and supportive of things that have happened in your past, and how it affects your feelings of safety in the present. We can explore how living in different bodies can be traumatizing in today's society.

Body Liberation Therapy

Body liberation therapy means all bodies are good bodies. It means "hate the system, not the body." What if you have peace with the body you live in today, right now? We are taught that losing weight will fix our problems, that we need to shrink our bodies to fit into society, that our outward appearance is a reflection of our inner worth. We can explore what it means if none of that is actually true, and work on being with the body you are in that aligns with your own values. 


Being neurodiverse is not an illness to be fixed - it is a type of brain that exists as a natural occurrence within our world. I often work with folks who have come to their diagnosis later in life and help them work towards greater self-understanding and acceptance. Everyone's brain is created in a unique way. It can bring challenges but it can also bring gifts. I love to help people explore what their special strengths are and help build systems for greater support in their daily life.

A fat white woman with brown hair and glasses stands smiling in front of a marble wall. She is wearing a while shirt, turquoise cardigan and a blue, purple and pink painted scarf. She is definitely dressed like a therapist.


I am a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) and licensed creative arts therapist (LCAT). I work from a foundation of person-centered and psychodynamic psychotherapy and emphasize trauma informed, LGBTQIA+ affirming, and culturally responsive care. As a person living in a larger body, I believe firmly in the right of every person to receive weight-neutral, size-inclusive care.

My work focuses on working collaboratively with clients to develop caring and compassionate relationships in a space of safety and healing. I utilize traditional talk therapy as well as working through recorded music, singing, improvisational music-making and instrument play to encourage creativity and enhance joy.


I have received advanced training in trauma and the arts from Kint Institute, had writing focused on several professional publications, and presented at national and regional conferences. Most recently, I was the co-author of a chapter in Creative Arts Therapies and the LGBTQ Community. I also run workshops and individual sessions utilizing singing as a form of wellness, and supportive groups for body neutrality/fat positivity.

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